Kampot Water Levels ‘Under Control’

Kampot: The Governor of Kampot Province, led a team to assess the water situation in the area from Kampong Bay canal to Kamchay canal in Andong Chi Men village. Kampong Kreng Commune, Teuk Chhou District, Kampot Province, after the announcement of the Kampot Provincial Disaster Management Committee on the water situation in the dam of Kamchay Hydropower Dam.

Mr. Cheav Tay, Provincial Governor, also informed the people that according to the assessment on levels of water discharged from the Kamchay Dam, the situation is not causing the concern of flooding of people’s fields and houses as in previous years.

The provincial governor confirmed the reason that, firstly, when opening the Kamchay Dam, the provincial administration always considers cooperation with the hydropower company by notifying the provincial authorities in advance and the water release was done gradually.

Secondly, in the past, the provincial administration has taken into account the issue of waterways and undertaken restoration work along the canal to make the water flow faster.

However, the provincial governor still called on people living in the Kampong Bay canal and local authorities at all levels to pay attention to water conditions and remain on high alert for for floods as more rain falls. KPT

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