UPDATE: 2nd Wife Arrested For Kampong Speu Ax Murder

Kampong Speu Province: A man was brutally murderd on October 17, 2020 in Thmey Village, Choam Sangke Commune, Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province.

An unidentified suspect attacked Chea Sos, a farmer aged 52 years old residing in the village with a sharp ax. The victim was hit on his left forehead and right side of the head, causing him to die at the scene.

After the incident, the suspect escaped.

Kampong Speu Provincial Gendarmerie, in cooperation with Phnom Sruoch District Gendarmerie, are searching for the murderer. AREY

UPDATE: Authorities say the suspected killer, a woman called Miech Srey Ol, the victim’s second wife, has been arrested for the murder.

The killer said that the reason for the murder was because, although they had had arranged a marriage ceremony, the victim drank alcohol and threatened to kill himself. So, after drinking and playing cars, she decided to kill him instead. RASMEI

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