Kampot Warned As Kamchay Dam Prepares To Open

Kampot: The Kampot Provincial Disaster Management Committee on October 17, 2020, issued a notice to people living along both sides of Kampong Bay to be careful of flooding as the hydropower company plans to open sluice gates to release water from Kamchay dam.

According to the announcement, the water level in Kamchay Dam on October 17, 2020 at 7:00 AM was 148.89 meters, with 736.50 cubic meters per second entering into the reservoir. The technical team of Kamchay Hydropower Company plans to open the water release gate slowly from the dam soon in case the rain continues. 

The opening of the sluice gate may cause flooding in the area downstream.

Due to the possibility of flooding, Kampot provincial authorities have called on people to be more careful to prevent any possible problems.

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