Siem Reap Drug Users Caught After Meat Thefts

Siem Reap Province: In the early hours of October 14 In 2020, forces patrolled the Dem Kralanh market and arrested three suspects who ran away when the police arrived.

After cooperating with the village guards, police arrested a 12-year-old boy named Sorn Visal, who confessed that he and his party had come to the Dem Kralanh market with the intention of stealing meat stored in an ice bucket to eat.

On the morning of October 14, 2020, at 10:00 AM, Sorn Visal led police to his accomplices in Boeung Don Pa village, Sangkat Kork Chak, Siem Reap City, and three more suspects were brought in for questioning.

Ro Soviet, male, 29 years old, owner of the rented room, Rin Sen, male, 19 years old and Loeung Jing, male, 13 years old.

After interrogation, Rin Sen and Loeung Jing confessed that they had stolen pork in an ice bucket at Dem Kralanh Market 3 times, but no poice complaint was lodged at the time.

A test fo drugs in the urine of the three people all came back positive. MCPN

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