UPDATE: Takhmao Residents Concerned About Flooded Crocodile Farm

Kandal: As many provinces are experiencing flooding that has forced hundreds of families to be evacuated to higher grounds, people are very worried about a crocodile pond located in Prek Samrong 3 village, Takhmao city, Kandal province where water in the animal ponds is also rising quickly,.

Therefore, the people who live nearby have requested the authorities to inspect the location of the crocodile ponds to find ways to prevent any animals escaping, which may endanger lives. KBN

UPDATE: Kandal Province: After the flood, Takhmao police conducted a search and confirmed that there was no flooding of the crocodile pond, so people should not worry. 

A police inspector confirmed that the crocodile pond is not easy to flood because it is very high. The water only flooded near the foot of the crocodile pond fence, and unless the water rose another 5 meters to flood the crocodile pond. Mr. Yi Vanda asked the people not to worry and asked some media before publishing the information, please do research and ask the authorities clearly so as not to to be misunderstood. NKD

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