Taiwanese Gang Arrested In $10 Million Drugs Raids

Anti-Drug Department sent 4 suspects and more than 2 tons of drugs with 600 kilograms of ingredients, worth 10 million dollars, to the Prosecutor’s Office of Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

On the afternoon of October 14, 2020, the Anti-Drug Department Drug offenses collected evidence to build a joint case and 4 suspects were sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court after a quantity of drugs weighing 2,106 kg, 215.89 grams and 600 kg of precursor chemicals were seized in 3 places in Sihanoukville and 4 locations in Phnom Penh.

The haul is estimated to be worth $ 10 million.

On October 7, 2020, the Anti-Drug Department launched an operation to crack down on cross-border trafficking and illegal drug processing. The operation was carried out by the Anti-Drug Department in collaboration with the Preah Vihear Provincial Police, Phnom Penh, Preah Sihanouk Province, Department of External Intelligence and Technical, and was coordinated by His Excellency the Prosecutor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, Preah Vihear Province.

Forces in Sihanoukville investigated and cracked down on illegal drug trafficking from Laos via Cambodia to Taiwan.

As a result, the police arrested 4 suspects:

1. CHEN CHIH CHIEH, alias JACKY, male, Taiwanese, the transporter leader.

2. Name: Zhan Qi Zhi,Taiwanese, a transporter.

3. YU Yao Tsung, Taiwanese a transporter

4. Chen Pao Jiun, Taiwanese, a transporter

Another suspect named WU Chi Hsun fell to his death escaping police.

During the operation, the police seized Heroin, weighing 189.580 kg. 2 cars, 10 mobile phones.

Authorities confirmed that the operation was related to the case that was already cracked down on June 5, 2020.

The result was the arrest of one suspect, CHEN CHIH CHIEH, alias JACKY, a Taiwanese male. Evidence seized included:

– 76 bags of methcathinone weighing 1,900 kg
– methamphetamine (ICE) weighing 59.94 g.
– Methamphetamine (WY) drug weighing 2.36 grams.
– (MDMA) weighing 2675.60 grams.
– Ketamine (Ketamine) weighs 620.99 grams.
-Meta-drug Zealand PA 13275 gram weight
– Chemicals PLC AMK (DPA Bluetooth PHY ATM) Clinton PMK (MDP2P) Methyl Glycidate 24 sacks equivalent weight of 600 kg (Table 4)
– 37 ingredients ethanol dong equivalent weight of 703 kg Gram
– 4 packs of ingredients weighing 10 kg (not clear)
– Caffeine ingredient weighing 1003.94 g
– DEXTROSE ingredient weighing 244.76 g.
– One processing machine.

The total amount of evidence seized included: 2,106 kg of drugs weighing 215.89 grams and 600 kg of chemical compounds totaling $ 10 million. In this case, the Anti-Drug Department continues to search for the remaining factions and cooperate with the authorities of the relevant countries to crack down on the mastermind criminals. DRUGS POLICE

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