Reports Of Baby Dumped In Man’s Car

*We picked up on this story on Facebook early this morning, and although there seem to be some holes in the tale (why was the man’s car left unlocked for a baby to be abandoned inside, why was the car owner suddenly given adoption rights? Etc.), it has spread across local news. Here’s NKD’s take on it (there are many more similar accounts):

Poipet City: On the morning of October 10, 2020, there was a case where a newborn baby of about 3 months old was dumped in the car of a hotel owner named Ly Heng Chhay.

In this case, the Poipet Village-Sangkat authorities decided to hand over the baby to the owner of the hotel to take care of it officially as a parent from now on, as he felt sorry for her.

The children of the world do not really know their destiny, if they are born with pious parents, they will have a good future from birth to open their eyes to see the world. Therefore, the kindness of the neighbors to adopt a child is very rewarding.

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