Six Chinese Arrested For Violent Knife Attack

Sihanoukville: Military Police arrested 6 Chinese suspects in connection with a case of violence that injured two fellow Chinese victims in Sihanoukville.

The incident occurred at around midnight on October 9, 2020 in Village 06, Sangkat 04, Sihanoukville. The suspects were named as

1. ZHANG SU CHUAN, 34 years old

2. YIN FU, 27 years old

3. LAN BI BANG, 31 years old

4. CHEN XIAN TAO, 31 years old

5. WEI CAI BAO, 23 years old

6. LIN TING YAN, 30 years old.

Items seized included a Chinese taxi with license plate Preah Sihanouk 2B-1821, 7 mobile phones and 2 knives.

The two unnamed victims are being treated at a Thai (?) hospital (*images show knife wounds to their arms). The suspects and exhibits are currently being processed by the specialized office for further legal proceedings. KPSBN

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