Family Of 3 Killed In Kratie Crash- Driver Runs

Kratie Province: A family of 3 victims (reported to be parents and infant) were killed on a motorcycle when they were hit by a car.

This horrific accident happened at 6:15 pm on October 7, 2020 along National Road 7 near the border of Kratie and Stung Treng provinces between km 358-359 in Sangkum village. Sandan, Sambo district, Kratie province.

According to the police, the car was a Camry with license plate number Sihanoukville: 2A-2100. The victim’s motorcycle was destroyed and no longer recognizable. 

Prior to the incident, the car was seen driving at high speed in a north-south direction to the scene, the car hit the victim’s motorcycle, which was traveling in the opposite direction. The driver of the car escaped.

The police confirmed that after the incident, the police intervened to search for the identity of the victims in order to inform the family. Separately, the relevant vehicles were towed to the police station in Sambo district to wait for a settlement with the families of the victims legally. KBN

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