Allegations Over Used Oil-Diesel Refinery

Kampong Speu: A group of Chinese, allegedly in cooperation with a senior military official are reportedly refining old engine oil into a diesel substitute near Treng Troyeung commune, Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province.

The owner of the venue was not identified but is reported to be Chinese, but his neighbors say he has the backing and security of a three-star military officer.

According to people who live near the illegal refinery, once they begin the work, the smell is very acidic, making it difficult for them to live, and especially to breathe.

Citizens have reported to the relevant authorities, but no one came to check the site. In the past, the Phnom Sruoch district police went to collect statistics on Chinese immigrants, but they were not allowed to go inside, so people do not dare to even go near them.

According to a local authority source, this location is supported by a three-star soldier behind the scenes, and they have been operating for almost a year.

Residents living nearby request the relevant institutions to come down to inspect the technical characteristics and find out if the location is legally allowed to mix engine oil into diesel.

An unnamed man said this location was licensed from the Ministry, but the documents have not been seen. However, the people hope that the authorities and relevant institutions will go down to inspect and close the above location, because it greatly affects the environment and the health of the people. MCPN

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