Man Catches Crocs In Kampong Thom Lake

Kampong Thom Province: A man claims to have caught crocodiles in the natural lake of “Boeung Phe” which is located along National Road 6 in Kampong Krabao village, Sangkat Kampong Krabao, Stung Sen city.

On October 5, 2020, a resident named Chhay Reaksa, said when he went to pick up a trap placed on the edge of Boeung Phe Lake behind his house, he found a crocodile weighing about 1 kg. On the morning of October 7, he caught another crocodile weighing about 3 kilograms, making him believe that this lake, which, according to legend was once full of the creatures.

Regarding this case, Mr. HOM HUN, Director of Kampong Thom Fisheries District, told the media that “Boeung Phe” above has real natural crocodiles, not crocodiles that are already raised in a nearby farm pond, because the farm next to Boeung Phe has a high and very strong wall, so the crocodiles can not get out. Therefore, people who live near Boeung Phe, please be careful. KBN

*According to KOHSANTEPHEAP, the lake has been reduced by almost half in recent years, from over 50 hectares to 29, and more is under threat as developers continue to fill in more.

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