Stung Treng Market Trader Fined For Bushmeat Sales

Stung Treng: Provincial Armed Forces Led by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Provincial Court, Mr. Vong Savath, cracked down on illegal wildlife meat sellers at Stung Treng Market A woman with was detained with more than 30 kilograms of bushmeat.

The crackdown took place at 8 am on October 6, 2020 at the northern point of Samaki Market, located in Trapeang Pring Village, Stung Treng.

According to the provincial military, the woman found selling illegal wildlife was named Chhorn Srey, in her 30’s, living in Stung Treng city.

She had three baskets of wild meat, two of which were hers and another belonging to somebody else. 

Mr. Sok Sida, Deputy Director of Stung Treng Division, said that there were three types of wild animals being sold including wild boar, deer and lizard (*can also see what appears to be a loris in the photos).

For the boar and deer, the woman was made to pay a penalty fine of 3 times the market value with a total amount of more than 790,000 Riels ($197.5).

The source added that illegal wildlife traders of endangered species could face between one and five years in prison and fined

Currently, women involved has paid the fine and agreed to stop the illegal wildlife trading or face further action
article: NGIN/KPT

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