Koh Kong Sausage- Flavors From All Over The World!

Kasia and Paweł moved to Cambodia almost 2 years ago. They had been dreaming about moving to Asia for some time, but it was only a stroke of luck that within one month they said goodbye to their previous lives and set off to Cambodia.

Once there, they took over a wonderful beach restaurant in Koh Kong. As Paweł had contact with traditionally made products at home, he wanted to bring his knowledge to Cambodia. He started by building a smokehouse….

The first steps were quite difficult. It was hard to find the ingredients he needed, so at first equipment and spices were brought to him by his family from Poland. On Christmas Eve Paweł was making traditional meat and fish, and from time to time he was preparing sausages for bonfires on the beach. That’s how it started…

After some time, Pawel decided to open a small joint in Koh Kong. Every product was 100% natural. He had already found good suppliers in Cambodia, so he didn’t have to import products from Europe. Initially, the assortment included several types of sausages, bacon, pickles and bread. The local community liked the new place very quickly; both Khmer people and foreigners soon began buying Paweł’s products and shared their opinions. It gave him inspiration for further work and more experimentation.

Today, Koh Kong Sausage offers 14 different sausages inspired by flavors from around the world (of course there is sausage from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Indian-style lamb, South African beef and pork sausage and many others). The ingredients and spices used in the production are the same as in the countries from which the sausages recipes are from. Everything is made in a traditional way, there are no chemicals or fillers in any of the products. It started as a tiny, home-made production, and now it is gaining momentum every day.

Pawel’s products are bought by restaurants and individuals throughout Cambodia. Koh Kong Sausage is constantly developing, looking for new solutions. What will be tomorrow, in a month? Time will tell.

Currently Koh Kong Sausage has four various BBQ sets with delivery throughout Cambodia. Everyone will find something to enjoy, and remind them of the tastes of home. Orders can be placed via FB: https://m.facebook.com/KohKongSausage/ or by phone: +855 965134963

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