Banteay Meanchey: Three Snakes Bite Cases In One Day

Banteay Meanchey Province: Three men and women, including a monk, were injured by snake bites in different places, on the same day and were taken to the same hospital. .

Dr. Le Chansangvat, Director of Banteay Meanchey Provincial Health Department, confirmed that on the night of October 4, 2020, three victims were bitten by snakes in different places and were brought to the hospital for treatment.

Dr. Le Chansangvat confirmed that the first case was a monk named Chan Makara, 18 years old, living at Wat Chub Vari, who was transported to Preah Net Preah Referral Hospital at 6:13 on the evening of October 4, 2020, after he was bitten by a snake on his big toe and right toe. He did not know the type of snake, but according to the examination and conclusion of the medical team it was probably not venomous.

Case 2: The victim, Mad Sovath, male, 57 years old, living in Chob Vary Village, Chob Vary Commune, Preah Net Preah District, was transported to Preah Net Preah Hospital at 6:48 pm on October 4. 2020 after a snake bit his left leg while he was catching locusts in a field at Peam Ant. He also did not know the type of snake.

Examination showed signs of swelling and pain at the bite site, but there was no bleeding or neurological disorders. Blood tests showed that the blood did not clot, so doctors administered ‘Hematopolly valentines’ anti-venom and he continues to be monitored regularly.

In the third case, the victim, Samling, a 53-year-old man living in Sala Ches village, Rohal commune, Preah Net Preah district, was taken to Preah Net Preah Referral Hospital at 8 pm on October 4, 2020. The snake bit the left foot in the field, but the victim did not know the type of snake.

Upon examination at the hospital, the patient showed significant symptoms such as shortness of breath, drowsiness, soft eyelids, limbs, abdominal pain, swelling and bruising at the bite site. Using 10 bottles of Neuro-pollyvallent anti-venom, and after some relief, he was sent to the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Hospital in Mongkul Borei.

With this, Dr. Le Chansangvat called on all people to be careful when walking at night, especially those who catch locusts, crickets etc. in the forest or grass, must be very careful in case of snakes. If bitten, people must be sent to the nearest hospital as soon as possible to save lives, because only public hospitals have properly trained doctors and snake bite vaccine to provide treatment and relief. NKT

*Banteay Meanchey province has some of the highest recorded snake bite numbers in Cambodia.

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