Striking Cintri Workers Ordered Back To Work

Phnom Penh:  Workers at Cintri garbage collection services have gone on strike, resulting in a mountain of garbage, according to local news sources. The Phnom Penh City Hall has made the strike request illegal and warned them that they must resume work before next Monday, otherwise they will be fired.

Since October 2, Cintri workers have downed tools, demanding that the company provide seniority allowances, severance pay, compensation and annual leave.

The strike resulted in the accumulation of garbage on the streets of Phnom Penh, and the city authorities have dispatched government staff to clean up the waste.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Government reportedly issued a notice on October 3 that the strike request was illegal, requiring them to resume work before the 5th at the latest, otherwise they would be expelled.

The city government pointed out that the “Labor Law” and other laws stipulate that once employees are dismissed, they will receive seniority allowance, severance pay and compensation, but strikers have not been dismissed, so their demands are illegal.

The strikers have been told that they must return to work, otherwise the new employees will be hired and they will be fired.

Citizens are also urged to properly dispose of garbage correctly, In order to avoid the accumulation of waste in the city streets

Cintri company has been contracted as Phnom Penh garbage company for 17 years, and faces threats to its license to operate due to regular problems. (Photo CCT)

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