Prey Veng Couple Arrested With 387 Bags Of Ice

Prey Veng Province: Peam Ro District Gendarmerie at 8 am on October 2. 2020 cracked down on drug trafficking and detained two suspects at Stung Slout village, Neak Loeung commune, Peam Ro district Prey Veng Province.

According to the Peam Rok District Military Police, the first suspect arrested was Su Sali, a 31-year-old Cambodian-Muslim (Cham) man with an unspecified occupation, and the second Touch Navy, Female, 28 years old, a Khmer-Muslim housewife, Living in Stung Slot Village, Neak Loeung Commune, Peam Ro District, Prey Veng Province.

The seized items include: 387 packets of methamphetamine weighing 166.65 grams, 1 motorcycle, 4 mobile phones, smoking equipment and drug bags. NKD

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