Man On Drugs Attacks Police While Setting Fire To House

Mondulkiri: An official was injured on his left arm after police were called to a house at 3:41 am on October 2, 2020 in O’Am village, Sre commune Khtum, Keo Seima district, Mondulkiri province. The suspect was arrested after a fight.

Sre Khtom commune administrative police officer said that the suspect, Sam Chamroeun Phal, 38 years old was detained.

According to the same source, according to the interrogation in the above case, at 3:41 AM, the Sre Khtom Administrative Police Station received a complaint from Phi Chenda, a female, who is the suspect’s sister-in-law. Phi Chenda reported to the authorities that a man had become violent and was attempting to set fire to his own house.

After receiving the information, police went to the scene and saw the suspect with fuel. When he saw the police, he attempted to escape and dropped a small package of drugs. Seeing that, the police chased the suspect, but he ran to the neighbor’s house, pulled out farmer’s blade and chased the police, causing the police chief a minor injury. Then there was a fight, causing the suspect to suffer a head wound, and the police arrested him.

After arresting the suspect, the police confiscated evidence, including a small package of suspected drugs, 1 farming blade and 2 mobile phones. The suspect is being detained at the Sre Khtom commune administrative checkpoint to continue the legal process. RASMEI

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