Sons Of Anarchy! 13 Moto Gang Youths Detained In Battambang

Battambang Province: A group of at least 13 young people who have been frightening citizens on the roads were apprehended by the Bureau of Criminal Offenses of the Provincial Commissioner on October 1. 

The director of the Bureau of Minor Crimes, Chhoeung Kimsong, said that the 13 gangster youths were followed by his forces and captured at points near the airport and some on suburb sites under construction.

He confirmed that with the arrest of more than 10 gangsters, the specialized force also confiscated 6 motorcycles which were ridden anarchically. It is noted that currently in the Battambang airport and in some parts of the road under construction between Battambang is a popular place for people to sit and relax and also a popular place for exercise.

But at the same time, it is also a popular place for gangsters to ride, race and chase each other on motorcycles. There was also brutal stabbing recently, he said, with this gang causing anarchy in the area.

That is why the commissioner took measures to crack down. Mr. Chhoeung Kimsong confirmed that in the past, his forces had stopped and warned this group of youths, but they soon caused the same problems again. Police have also confiscated swords and knives that they carry with them to prepare for battle.

However, according to Mr. Chhoeung Kimsong, the 13 gangsters who were detained by the intervention force were taken to the provincial commissioner for questioning. With the approval of the prosecutor’s representative of the provincial court, they were educated, and authorities invited their guardians to bail out and make a contract to stop illegal activities before allowing them to return home. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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