Pictures From Inside Raided Sihanoukville Club

Sihanoukville: Pictures have been released from police who were involved in the raid on the Sikai Xianmin (Sin Khai Men) Chinese club/restaurant.

The raid took place at 00:45 on September 30, 2020 in the group 17 Village 4, Sangkat 4 and almost 400 people inside were arrested, almost all Chinese. 297 were taken for more questioning.

2 pistols, an AK and over 100 rounds of various ammunition, along with $426,647 and 6,000,000 riel ($15,000) cash, jewelry, documents and a still undisclosed quantity of drugs were seized. The investigation is ongoing. KPSBN

UPDATES: A total of 375 people were involved in 52 drug cases (42 from China and 10 from Vietnam).

A lieutenant general said that more than 12 kilograms (12,483 grams) of drugs and equipment were confiscated. There were 43 drug users, including 33 Chinese and 10 Vietnamese. Thirty-three masseuses (24 Chinese and 9 Vietnamese). Those not involved were educated, instructed and contracted to return to their homes.

A spokesman for the National Police confirmed that the authorities continue to search for sources of weapons provided by the perpetrators to seek arrest and prosecution in accordance with the law and continue to cooperate with relevant authorities, both inside and outside the country to find sources of drug supplies and factions.

According to the report, the Chinese karaoke venue is owned by Bao Fangze, a Chinese national. RASMEI

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