Nearly 300 Chinese Held After Sihanoukville Club Raid

Sihanoukville: Sources from the police also said that 297 Chinese (and one Cambodian girl) detained after a raid on a Sihanoukville club, the police divided into two groups, the first group of 125 (44 women including the Cambodian) were sent to the Office of Anti-Trafficking and Protection of Minors and the second group of 172 (70 women) to the Anti-Drug Trafficking Office.

The 297 were from almost 400 Chinese nationals caught in the raid on the Sikai Xianmin (Sin Khai Men) Chinese club/restaurant.

The remaining suspects are now being questioned by specialized authorities and the proceedings are continuing. 

The raid on this restaurant took place at 00:45 on September 30, 2020 in the group 17 Village 4, Sangkat 4.

According to sources from the authorities, the business is owned by BAO FANGZE, a Chinese national.

A large amount of drugs (*still not identified or weighed) and firearms were seized. AREY

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