Military Officer Fires At Gendarmes Stopping Timber Trader

Kampong Speu Province: A Deputy Chief of Headquarters was arrested by the National Gendarmerie after he fired shots at the country’s military, which was conducting an operation to crack down on forest crime on National Road No. 41 in Phsar Slab Leng village, Svay Rompear commune, Bor Seth district.

Sources said that the arrested deputy chief of headquarters 301, named only as Ye, was a military officer in his 40’s in Takeo province. Prior to the arrests, the National Armed Forces conducted an operation to crack down on forest crime, apparently targeting lumber transported by traders in Takeo province.

As a car was stopped for inspection, Mr. Ye, Deputy Chief of Office No. 301, appeared and pulled out a weapon and fired at the military police.

Using the right of self-defense, the police fired back and managed to capture the shooter and sent him to the provincial military offices. The case continues legally. According to the provincial authorities, the Deputy Chief was sent to the Prosecutor’s Office to follow legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, the fleeing trader named Nak Sramum, who lives in Thmey Village, Sangkat Roka Thom, Chbar Morn City, is said to be a long-time illegal wood trader. He has never been caught by the authorities, but according to a source from the provincial military, military police are currently searching for the trader to bring him to justice. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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