3 Teen Girls Hit By Car- Driver Crashes & Runs

Svay Rieng Province: Three young women, while driving a motorbike taxi from work to return home were hit by a car, causing serious injuries at 9:10 pm on September 30, 2020 on Street 319B (Kampong Spean Road) in Bavet Kandal Village, Bavet Sangkat, Bavet City.

According to the police, the victims were named Chan Bopha, 16 years old, a Cambodian, a nail artist (motorcycle rider) and the passengers behind were 13-year-old Ang Ean, and 19-year-old Youk Chanpheakdey. The three victims live in Ta Bip village, Bavet commune, Bavet city, Svay Rieng province.

Sources from the scene said that before the incident, the three women were seen driving a black and red Honda Wave motorcycle when a white Camry with license plate number 2A-0636, collided head-on, seriously injuring all the women.

The car refused to stop, trying to speed up crashed into a ditch on the south side of the road . The driver opened the door of the car and fled.

Authorities confirmed that after the incident, authorities intervened to send the victim to Russian Hospital in Phnom Penh. The vehicles were taken away for storage and legal action. KBN

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