Pailin Man Throws Acid Over Ex-Partner

Pailin Province: A man became angry with his ex-wife and threw acid at her, causing serious injuries.

The incident happened at 1:00 AM on September 27, 2020 at the women’s house in Pahi Cheung village, Pailin commune.

The suspect’s name is Say Sok Meng, male, 33 years old, from Bor Taing Su Village, Bor Yakha Sangkat, Pailin City. The victim was Sok Nuon, alias Nang, a 25-year-old female from Pahi Cheung village, Pailin commune, Pailin city.

The couple have been unofficially married since 2013 but do not have a marriage certificate. Recently, they both went to work in Thailand. After returning from Thailand, the husband asked for a divorce from his wife for a short time and came to comfort his wife two or three times, but she refused to see him. The suspect threw the acid and then fled on a motorcycle.

After the incident, the victim was sent to the hospital. Authorities are searching to arrest the suspect and punish him according to the law. KBN

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