2.4 Tons Of Smuggled Cow Hooves Seized In Bavet

Svay Rieng:  On September 28, 2020, the Branch Officer of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Suppression (CPPCC) Svay Rieng Branch cracked down on the illegal transportation of cow dung and hooves from Vietnam, illegally imported through Bavet International Gate

At the request of cooperation from Svay Rieng Customs and Excise Office, Svay Rieng PEC Branch Officers inspected the cow hooves at the small laboratory of the KPR branch in Svay Rieng to find banned chemicals that affect people’s health.

The results after the work of professional officers did not find any chemical (Formalin). However, officials found that 120 cases of hooves, equivalent to 2,400 kilograms, were found to be undocumented and had no import permit, as well as the unlicensed shipment of dung fertilizer.

Officials confiscated the cow’s claws and burned them at a landfill in Svay Rieng City, Svay Rieng Province. In the demolition, there is cooperation from the local authority and the Svay Rieng provincial customs branch. AREY

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