Tuk Tuk Driver Dead After Sihanoukville Shooting (Video)

Preah Sihanouk: On Saturday 26th of September, 2020, there was a firearms incident, which left a three-wheeler tuk tuk driver dead on Ekareach Street, Sangkat 2.

Two suspects involved and the victim have not been identified.

After the incident, the two suspects involved were immediately detained by the authorities. The dead man was handed over to relatives for traditional rites.

UPDATE: News reports suggest that it was 3 Cambodians involved in the shooting, not Chinese.

UPDATE: According to SWIFT NEWS a Chinese ‘boss’ and Cambodian bodyguard chased a woman, and the woman ran and got into the passapp tuk tuk. They shot and killed the driver, the Chinese boss also had a weapon to shoot. . 

According to the report, two people involved were detained

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