Russian & Turk Arrested For Sihanoukville Moto Theft

Sihanoukville: A Russian and Turkish man were arrested in connection with motorcycle theft.

According to the authorities, at 11 am on September 25, 2020, police received a complaint from Sam Ratha, female, 38 years old, Cambodian, living in a rented house in Village 5, Sangkat 4 Sihanoukville midnight. Two Honda Airblades had been stolen from the house.

After receiving the complaint, Major General Chuon Narin, the provincial police commissioner, ordered the specialized force of the Brahmin Office to go and investigate. At 2 pm on the same day, the police arrested two suspects, one named Izmeuskii Ilia, a 41-year-old Russian man without a passport, living in a rented house in Village 5, Sangkat 4, Preah Sihanouk Province and Mamebov Ruslan, a 42-year-old man from Turkey without a passport. Both tested positive for drug use.

In front of the police, the suspect, Izmeuskii Ilia, confessed that he had been living in Sihanoukville since 2016. At 1:40 am on September 25, 2020, he was in Sihanoukville and saw a house, walked in and stole an Airblade motorcycle that the owner had left in front of the room. He took the moto to his home in BS Borey, Village 5, Sangkat 4, called a tuk tuk to take him back and stole another motorcycle, which he took to Mamebov Ruslan’s rented room in Village 5, Sangkat 4.

After stealing two motorcycles, he returned to get his own motorcycle left in front of the victim’s house to ride home. The suspect said that the stolen motorcycle was then spray-painted with white paint to deceive the motorcycle owner. He was ready to sell it when suddenly in the afternoon of the same day, the police arrested both of them.

When arresting the two suspects, the police confiscated motos, a motorcycle license plate (Phnom Penh 1X-6929), spare parts, equipment and some repair kits, along with 2 small pieces of dried marijuana.

The two suspects will be sent to the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Court according to the procedure. KOHSANTEPHEAP


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