Daylight Shooting Incident In Chom Chao

Phnom Penh: A gunman fired a shot at a delivery tuk tuk driver after a verbal conflict.

The incident happened at 1:30 pm on September 27, 2020 on Veng Sreng in front of Trapeang Thleung Market is located in Trapeang Thleung Village, Sangkat Choam Chao I, Khan Por Sen Chey.

The gunman was not identified and was riding a Honda Dream 125 motorcycle.

According to the tuk-tuk driver, who did not give his name, he said he was traveling from west to east on Veng Sreng Road. When he arrived at the scene, he turned left and a man riding a motorcycle came from behind him in the same direction.

The tuk-tuk driver said that the man shouted at him and they had an argument. The man also threatened to shoot the driver and passenger, and fired a shot as a warning and then fled on a motorcycle.

After the incident, the police force from the 1st Chao Chao Police Station and the Po Sen Chey District Police went to the scene immediately. They found a pistol shell and began a search for the gunman. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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