Warning After Hungarian Man’s COVID-19 Confirmed In Siem Reap

Phnom Penh: On the afternoon of September 26, 2020, an emergency press release was issued, confirming the results of a test conducted on a Hungarian man showing that he was indeed infected with the COVID-19.

The Hungarian man, who was found to be infected with the Kovid 19 virus, is being treated at the Siem Reap Provincial Referral Hospital, while medical teams are continuing to search for anyone who came in contact with him.

 Dr. Istvan Zelnik was found at around 9 am on September 26, 2020, after a search operation by authorities following him going missing, by the Siem Reap Provincial Health Department, according to the Ministry of Health in a villa in Athens Borey, Krous Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap City, and the medical team took him and his wife (no children and no one else with them) to the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital for treatment.

The information received by the Ministry this morning was that after the Hungarian man left Phnom Penh on September 16, 2020 for Siem Reap, he took a taxi alone (stopped to refuel only once), without meeting or touching anyone except in this taxi.

Arriving in Siem Reap, he was forced to work at home as a Doctor of Economics (writing a book). Only on September 17, 2020, he went out and then returned to his house. As for his wife, because there is a lot of food in the house, she did not go anywhere, only went to the market once, but they have taken precautionary measures by wearing a mask.

Ministry of Health confirms that currently the emergency response team of the Department of Health in Siem Reap and the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are continuing to do the necessary work to find the affected people, and the Ministry will continue to provide information to The public of any developments or related to the above case. AREY

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