Houses Come Down For New Siem Reap Road Plans

Siem Reap: Houses that encroached on the roadside land were demolished in Siem Reap to open the way for a new road from the point of National Road No. 6 to the road 7 January.

The one-lane road project dates back to the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era, but after January 7, 1979, when people returned to the village after the Pol Pot regime, they built houses over the road, which is 15 meters wide and 130 meters long.

Officials say that the needs of the people and the progress in society, and the avoidance of traffic congestion in Siem Reap, means the houses must be taken down.

After the announcement on June 24, 2020, the joint working group consisting of provincial, municipal and sangkat administrations inspected and informed the people living on the road. At the time of this notification, there were 93 plots of land and 10 families affected.

The team coordinated with the people, but there were 3 families left that had not demolished their property. On September 25, a building was voluntarily demolished.

According to the commission, so far, the opening of Road D7 has achieved 82% of the results. The remaining house will be demolished and will be completed soon. Meanwhile, a national budget of $ 150 million has been given for the construction of 38 roads in Siem Reap. The official construction site will open on November 16, 2020.

On September 25, the Commission visited the planned routes and determined the road axis and distributed the notification of the provincial administration to the people who have plots and houses which need to be removed to improve the quality, safety, aesthetics and comfort to improve the traffic for locals, national and international tourists. MCPN

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