Soldier Buries Wife’s Body In Backyard

 Preah Vihear:  On the evening of September 24, 2020, a man named Sin Sim, 52 years old, a soldier serving in the 382 Intervention Brigade Unit of the 8th Intervention Brigade was arrested for murdering his wife. The victim was Houy Phalla, 55 years old, a housewife living in Stung Khieu Techo village, Sra Em commune, Choam Ksan district, Preah Vihear province.

The victim was killed by her husband on the night of September 17, 2020 and was buried in the family’s backyard on the evening of September 18, 2020 to cover up the evidence. The man then raised suspicion when asked where his wife had gone. After the news of the disappearance of the victim without knowing the reason, the village chief, Stung Khieu Techo, immediately reported to the police, and the police launched an investigation.

Police later questioned the husband, arrested him and they were taken to the place where the victim was buried.

The husband confessed in front of the police that he had actually killed his wife by banging her head on a tile because he was angry with her

The suspect was taken to the district police force to build a case. (Warning images of digging) AREY

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