Suspected Fish Thief Electrocuted By Illegal Fence Defense

Pursat Province: Forensic experts cooperated with the local authorities to examine the body of a man who was found dead near a pond in Krakor district.

The case of the authorities cooperating was made on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 23, 2020, at the pond belonging to Ly Song, a 56-year-old man in Kandal village, Anlong Thnout commune, Krakor district, Pursat province.

Sources from the police said that the body was identified as Ly Sophea, a 28-year-old Cambodian man currently living in Toeng village, Anlong Thnout commune, Krakor district, Pursat province. He had a wife and a son.

The autopsy sated that the body was 1.73 meters tall, the source said. On the body the left shoulder was scratched, the skin was scratched, and all the right fingers were bruised across the body. The corpse could have been dead for more than 10 hours and could have been electrocuted.

It is thought that the man went to steal fish from the pond and was electrocuted by a security fence.

The same source further confirmed that the owner of the fish pond, named Ly Song, male, 56 years old, was arrested and taken for questioning. NKD

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