Update: Baby Body Dumped Near Wat Phnom

Phnom Penh: (Preliminary information) the body of a baby was found inside a bin bag near Wat Phnom, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh at 7 am on September 23, 2020.

More information will be released later.

A spokesperson for the Child Protection Unit say that a team is currently investigating, and will release a statement shortly.

UPDATE: According to witnesses at the scene, at 7 am on September 23, 2020, a woman was seen carrying the black bag and throwing it in the trash in the pagoda resort. Later, a janitor came and removed the garbage from the bin, and when he saw the black bag, he opened it and saw the dead body of a baby boy, which caused a great surprise. 

According to the people who went to see the baby, the baby was probably born premature.

The body of the baby was cremated by the authorities at the pagoda.

The Child Protection Unit is urging the mother to come forward for medical attention.

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