Cambodia Town Film Festival- Online & Free!

Long Beach, CA: The annual Cambodia Town Film Festival which showcases Cambodian films has gone purely online because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, the Long Beach-based film event is going to be completely free.

The festival, which runs Sept. 16-20, includes more than 40 films from features to documentaries to shorts that focus on the experience of Cambodians across the world.

The programs will include a variety of special events and panel discussions featuring directors, producers, writers and actors. CTFF will provide a creative forum for emerging filmmakers. CTFF offers the opportunity for student early-career filmmakers, and seasoned filmmakers to showcase their talent and gain exposure.

One of the key purposes of Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF) is to highlight the diversity of the Cambodian experience through the art of filmmaking. By specifically featuring films that deal with Cambodian social political conflicts, traditions, challenges and characters, the Festival will deepen Cambodian values and encourage new dialogue on a global scale. The festival will also aim to showcase an international selection of narrative features, documentaries, short films, student films, animated films from (not just Cambodia), but from around the world, bringing stories to Cambodia Town, Long Beach, California.

A vibrant and active community, Long Beach’s Cambodia Town has become the center for Khmer culture, and more than 30,000 visitors attend the Cambodian New Year celebration each year. Understanding that Cambodia Town is a Khmer hub for culture and commerce, CTFF has begun planning the annual Cambodia Town Film Festival, slated to take place in the Fall of 2013. Given that Cambodian Americans are among the fastest-growing populations in the United States, and with increased attention paid to Khmer culture on the world stage, this festival is indeed timely. The types of work featured at the festival-which involve stories about family, migration, justice, and the human condition-speak to the power of film to reach and inspire multiple audiences. This festival powerfully speaks to the endurance and resurgence of Cambodian culture.

Other festival-related events online, such as an opening night concert and panel discussions will also be free to stream online.

To see the films and panels, visit Screenings will begin at midnight September 16 (2 pm in Cambodia) and end at midnight on the 20th.

The Schedule can be seen here

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