Moto Thief Caught After Shooting At Cops

Svay Rieng: On the morning of September 12, 2020, at 6:00 AM, two suspects riding a black Honda motorcycle armed with a pistol stole a blck Honda motorcycle from a man named Vor Oeun in Kampong Trach village, Kampong Trach commune, Romeas Hek district. After stealing the motorcycle from the victim, the thieves rode along National Road 13 to the north.

Immediately, police intervened to pursue the thieves and ambushed them at Mony Prisuk village, Tros commune, Romeas Hek district.

The police drove a car into the stolen moto and the thief fired three shots at the police car. The car crashed into the motorcycle from behind, causing the weapon to fall on the road. The suspect then ran into a house and was arrested by the police.

The other suspect escaped, authorities are searching for him. POST NEWS

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