Factory Workers Get $2 Salary Increase

Phnom Penh: The basic salary for garment and shoe factory workers in 2021 was officially finalized today, increasing from the current US$190 to US$192.

The Cambodian Labour Advisory Council held final negotiations today and decided on the salary standard next year by voting. The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the global economy was taken into account, and all parties agreed to no salary increase in 2021, that is, maintaining the current US$190.

However, after consideration, Prime Minister Hun Sen decided to add $2 in 2021.

The latest basic salary system will be implemented from January 1 next year.

The negotiation of the minimum wage began in July and must be finalized before October.

Although a number of economic factors continue to deteriorate, Cambodia’s minimum wage is still rising every year. It stands higher than Bangladesh (US$91) and Myanmar (US$95).

Since 2013 general election, the minimum wage for workers has risen sharply year by year: US$100 in 2014, US$128 in 2015, US$140 in 2016, US$153 in 2017, US$170 in 2018, and US$170 in 2019.

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