Laos Border Crossings Remain Closed

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is honored to inform the Cambodian people and students, along with all those living, doing business and studying in Laos, that in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Laotian government is continuing to keep the border gates to Laos closed. This is according to a letter from the Cambodian Embassy in Laos dated September 9th.

The statement says that the Laotian government continues to close all regional border gates and bilateral gates, prohibiting passengers and trucks from driving through, except for two permitted gates.

The Laotian government continues to close international border crossings, restricting the entry and exit of all passengers except for Laotian and ethnic groups. Foreigners who have business and necessary work can enter and leave, but must have the permission of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Commission. Trucks can drive through normally.

The above measures are valid from September 1-30, 2020 onwards. All Cambodians who are living, doing business and studying in Laos are asked to participate in implementing the above measures consistently and continue to maintain good hygiene to prevent and prevent the spread of COVID-19 effectively.

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