Battambang Double Murder Suspect Caught After 8 Years

Pursat: According to reports, a man who has been wanted under an arrest warrant dated June 7, 2013 has been arrested. Chranh Oeum, 35, from Chrey Kong Village, Sangkat Slaket, Battambang City, was the prime suspect in a double murder that was committed on December 4, 2012.

The suspect escaped and hid in Veal Veng district, changing his old background. The suspect is now in Veal Veng District Police Force
He was arrested in Chheu Teal Chrum village, Bramoy commune, Veal Veng district, and taken to the Veal Veng District Police Inspectorate, waiting for the Battambang Provincial Special Forces to take him.

The horrific murder took place in the center of Battambang city, when a mother, a scrap metal shop owner and her 13-year-old daughter were killed while her husband was away at another business location in Poipet City, at around 8:40 pm on December 4, 2012, in the house of the victim, group 8, 13 Makara village, Sangkat Prek Preah Sdach, Battambang.

According to local police sources, the murder left a 45-year-old mother, Chuy, and her 13-year-old daughter, Tang Keang Keang, dead after he strangled and stabbed the two victims.

In this case, the maid and cook at the victim’s house, 26-year-old Theang Makin, told the police that the killer was a former worker who used to work for her boss and the reason for killing the mother and child was because he was angry after he was fired.

According to the witness, the reason why the victim fired the worker was because he stole his boss’s metal to sell.

The husband and father of the victims, Mr. Taing Lay, 48, was in Poipet City, Banteay Meanchey Province, at another business location which exported scrap products to Thailand.

The bodies of the two victims revealed that the victim’s daughter was strangled to death with a scar on her neck, while the mother was stabbed in the head with an ax, causing her death at the scene. .

The suspect hod in the victim’s room, and when the victim’s daughter went in first, he strangled her, and when the mother followed her she was killed. The witness was washing dishes in the kitchen, and heard shouts for help, then left the room to see the killer with one hand holding a knife and the other holding an iron bar threatening the victim’s 17-year-old son. The woman was stabbed in the chest with a knife, causing her to fall, but she managed to escape. POST NEWS

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