Nigerians & Cambodian Arrested For Fraud

Phnom Penh:  On September 5, 2020, a Cambodian woman and three Nigerians were arrested by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for fraud and money laundering after the force of the Department of Technology Crimes of the General The National Police led an investigation..

The arrests came after a complaint made on August 29, 2020.

The Anti-Technology Crime Department, in cooperation with the Russey Keo District Police Inspectorate and the Meanchey District Police Inspectorate of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, arrested four suspects: Bun Sreylen, female, 31 years old, Cambodian , 2: EBENEZER OYETORAN, male, Nigerian, 3: OYETORAN MARGARET IBDUNNI, female, Nigerian, and 4: IBEH HENRY, male, 46 years old, Nigerian.

They are reportedly charged with “fraud and money laundering” and their case will be sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for legal action.

The suspects swindled money through social media, persuading locals and foreigners to send money to Cambodia through remittance agencies and some banks. After withdrawing the money, the suspects sent the money to various factions with the leader and the organization, receiving dividends according to their respective roles, and then the ringleader set up a fund to receive the money of the crime to buy real estate and open businesses to convert the money into legal financing and then continue to send the money back to their country.

The four defendants have been remanded in custody by an investigating judge and taken to a police agency of the Department of Technology Crimes against the First Amendment (M1).

Lt. Gen. Chea Pov, Director of the Department, would like to remind the people to be very careful of scammers, if this happens, please file a complaint with the Department of Technology Crimes. AREY

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