Man Accused Of Blackmailing Ex-Girlfriend

Stung Treng Province: A suspect threatened to post images of his former girlfriend on Facebook, unless she paid 10 million riels ($2500). The victim complained to the authorities and the man was detained and sent to the provincial commissioner.

Suspect, Chan Pheaktra, male, 24 years old, is from Leu Village, Thala Commune, Thala Borivat District.

According to the victim’s complaint, she and the suspect had been in love for almost four years.

Recently, he began accusing her of having a new boyfriend and began to demand 10 million riel, or he would release a nude video recorded when they were together. She begged him not to release the video, and she would give him $ 100 a month. After this agreement, she handed over $ 100 a month, but the suspect threatened to demand more money that the suspect said he had used to buy her clothes and jewelry in the past.

Unable to withstand the threatening extortion of her boyfriend, she decided to file a complaint with the police to arrest the suspect when she went to a guesthouse to hand over 10 million riel.

The suspect was arrested and sent to the provincial police commission, and the Stung Treng provincial police commissioner’s low-level criminal authority prepared a case to be sent to court for extortion and was temporarily detained in the provincial prison pending further investigation. KBN

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