Drunk Driver’s Crashed Car Concealment Fail

Phnom Penh: A man was driving a Lexus RX-330 drunk and had a traffic accident that caused severe damage.

Instead of stopping, he removed the license plate and covered with cloth after parking up in Chamkar Ovulk 1 village, Sangkat Kakap I, Khan Por Senchey. Police discovered the car at 7 am on September 3, 2020.

Residents said that when they saw a car parked with a covering over it, they were very suspicious took a look, finding the damaged Lexus RX-330 without a license plate or tax stamp. They reported to the 1st Kakap Police Station and the Po Sen Chey District Traffic Police to check because they were afraid that this car was involved in some other crime.

The source added that an unidentified man wearing blue shorts and a black T-shirt claimed it was car and he had an accident the previous night. He did not say exactly where he was from, saying Tuol Kork and another time Sen Sok. He also claimed that he and his wife left a bar and drove to buy water at the Chaom Chao roundabout. When he returned, he hit the barricade there and drove on, then decided to park it on the street.

Due to this ambiguity, the police took the crane to store temporarily, waiting for the owner to indicate the location of the accident clearly, to see that there is no damage to public or private property, before returning the car to him. POST NEWS

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