Teenage Girl Murdered In Chom Chao

Phnom Penh: A 14-year-old girl was brutally killed by an unknown attacker in Phnom Penh. Her body was found at 4 pm on September 1, 2020 in the village Chrey Kong Chom Chao 2, Por Sen Chey.

The girl’s mother said that the victim, named as 14-year-old Srey Pich, was a schoolgirl. Prior to the incident, the mother had gone out to buy groceries, leaving her daughter alone to watch TV. She returned to find the girl dead in a pool of blood.

After the incident, the police intervened to examine the body. According to their initial conclusion, this is yet another case of rape and murder, however, the authorities are searching for more information. The perpetrator will be found and brought to justice. KBN

UPDATE: Other reports say prior to the incident, while it was raining heavily and the victim’s parents and siblings were busy in front of the entrance to the rented house. The victim went out to collect clothes and then disappeared into the room. After a while, an unidentified man was seen walking out of the victim’s room and rode away on a motorcycle in the rain. Later, the victim’s brother walked into the room and screamed, seeing his sister naked in a pool of blood. (AREY)

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