Kampot Or Bust! Stolen Moto Runs Out Of Gas, Caught Stealing Car

Pursat Province: A man was handed over to the police after borrowing a motorbike with no intention of returning. The moto ran out of fuel, and the man attempted to steal a car but was caught by the owner.

 The incident took place at 4:15 pm on Sunday August 30, 2020 in front of Wat Baksey Chamkrong, Pursat province.

Sources from the Phnom Kravanh district police said that the suspect, Khem Ravi, a 30-year-old Cambodian man, is currently living in Veal village, Samrong commune, Phnom Kravanh district.

Soeun Lay, a 36-year-old Cambodian woman told the police at that time that the suspect had borrowed her black Honda Wave motorcycle to go and buy a dessert for a few minutes. In fact, the suspect packed his clothes with the intention of riding it to Kampot province, but the motorcycle ran out of gas he left it.

He saw a car with key in the ignition, and opened the door with the intention of stealing that too, but was spotted by the owner and stopped.

He was taken to the Phnom Kravanh District Police Inspectorate to continue legal procedures. NKD

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