Chinese Man Arrested With Drugs & Gun

Preah Sihanouk: The Drug Crimes Bureau of Preah Sihanouk Provincial Military Command cracked down on drug cases at Group 6, Village 3, Sangkat 4, detaining a Chinese suspect.

The operation took place at 18:10 on August 28, 2020.

The suspect was as named Tan An, a 32-year-old Chinese man staying in Group 6, Village 3, Sangkat 4, Preah Sihanouk Province. At the same time, the military officer also called a woman named Kao Srey Pov, 31 years old, a Cambodian teacher living in Sangkat 1, Sihanoukville, for questioning because she was the owner of a car rented to the Chinese man.

Items seized included:
1, 8 packs of white powder (ketamine) weighing 321.8 grams with
2  2 packets of white powder weighing 50.5 grams with
3. 123 WY red tablets
4. 15 yellow pills (MDMA?)
5. 2 phones,
6. Weighing scales,
7. 3 packs of marijuana,
8. 30 unspecified tablets,
9. 58 packs of unspecified powder in silver packaging, weight 100.9 g,
10. 5 packs of unspecified powder in green packaging, 7.9 g
11. 2 packs of coffee powder

12. 2 water pipes
13. 1 handgun with ammunition

14. Various other packed substances
15. A RANGE ROVER car, license plate Phnom Penh 2A 4518.

Currently, the specialized office force is interrogating the Chinese man and Cambodian woman at the Sihanoukville Provincial Gendarmerie Command. AREY

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