Appeal For Rob- Injured Kampot Based Brit

Our beloved friend Rob Phillips had a small accident on his bike. Apparently it turned out to be a serious matter after getting the xray taken at the hospital.  He has a bad fraction from his hip, which will take a surgery to insert a steel plate with screws, in order for the bone to grow back properly and for him to be able to walk normal. The doctors estimate the surgery to around 800 $ plus 4-5 days of accommodation and medicine which he estimates to another 400 – 500. Unfortunately Rob’s insurence has expired, due to the difficult situation with the covid, which has made it difficult for him to extend, fly back to England or get any kind work.. Well even to survive here in Cambodia..​

In which makes it a very difficult situation to face a 1400-1500 hospital bill, or not being able to walk properly again and endure a large amount of pain. Another thing is that his recovery can take up to 2 months in which (he) cant work, and would need help and special care, go back and forth to medical checks, extra medicine and again, he will face another coming surgery to remove the steel plates and screws in is hips, and recover once again. Therefore 3000 usd is estimated to help him back after the surgery but the cost will easy extend that estimated amount of money.

Therefore I have made this fundraiser in order for the heart full people that wish to help us, can donate so we can get Rob back on track. Rob is a beloved friend that that always helps everyone around him before attending himself. He has mastered skills in so many knowledge fields and always use it to help others. Other than that has he helped many people around the world recovering from illness with his knowledge in nutrition and diets. If he could receive just 1% of the hearth love that he’s been giving out to people around the world, he would have no worries about his bad situation. GOFUNDME (Now removed)

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