Kep Monkeys Bite Old Lady & Policeman

Kep Province: According to a woman named Nhet Samiet, a crazed monkey attacked her 84-year-old mother named Kul Mon.

She said on the morning of August 24, that the monkeys in Kep National Park are so ferocious. Apparently, the woman was bitten by a monkey and that a police officer was also injured.

Mr. Chun Chhok, Deputy Chief of Intervention Police Office of Kep Provincial Police also said that Mr. Touch Thong, a police officer assigned to guard Kep Provincial Hall, but was bitten by a monkey and injured on his legs last month.

He said the policeman injured by the monkey bite did not do anything to the monkey, just chased it away from the provincial hall, and the primate came down and bit him. He said that the policeman has not returned to work because the monkey bite has swelled.

Keo Hong, director of the Kep Provincial Department of Finance, said this morning that the monkeys come down from the national park and invaded his office while he was working. He told his officials not to abuse them, but to be careful. MCPN

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