Cattle Disease Spreads In Prey Veng Village

Svay Rieng Province: For 12 days from August 12, 2020 until August 23, 2020, the cattle in Chek village, Samrong commune, Chantrea district, Svay Rieng province were sick and died due to a disease. Some cattle died of seizures immediately after seeking treatment, while others fell ill. People asked for professional officers to treat in time.

According to Yin Sopheap, a veterinarian in Chantrea district, Svay Rieng province, 22 cows have already died and 71 others are seriously ill, and the numbers continue to increase.

At the same time, the veterinary officer wrote a letter to the veterinarian in Svay Rieng province asking for immediate intervention, but for almost a week he was not seen.

Residents of Samrong commune, Chantrea district, Svay Rieng province, have requested the Svay Rieng provincial governor to send a professional officer to treat their cattle because they are sick and dying and may spread to other villages if there is no intervention. KBN

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