Fake Honey Sellers Taken For Questioning

Pursat: According to the National Police General Commission, two suspects were arrested on August 19, 2020 at 13:03 in Tuol Chreav village, Talor commune, Talo Sen Chey district, Pursat province. .

Sources said that before the incident, the two suspects were riding a Honda C125 motorcycle without a license plate, carrying honey to sell to the general public. They went to the home of the victim named Phay Youv Ayu 60-year-old female, living in Tuol Chreav village, Talor commune, Talo Sen Chey district, and Bou Meng Kuy, 22-year-old male, living with his aunt. 

The suspect offered to sell 200 liters of honey for resale. Within a few days, the honey had turned into palm sugar, and they realized that they had been cheated, so complained to the village chief.

According to the local police officer, after receiving information from the authorities and the victim, the police invited the two honey sellers to take the fake honey back home at the request of the victim and help manage.

The same source continued that after listening to the description of the village chief and the victim, the police arrived at the victim’s house and met 2 suspects with 1 small child:
1. Name Pov Srey Vuth 38 years old, female
2. Name: Pov Samnang, 32 years old, female

The two suspects live in Stung Touch village, Sangkat Roleap, Pursat city, Pursat province.

Police confiscated about 100 liters of fake honey and a motorbike, and sent them to the district police inspectorate and asked the prosecutor for permission to arrest the two suspects for further investigation. POST NEWS

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