No COVID-19 For 5th Day: 13 Cases Treated

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health issued a press release this morning saying that there were no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cambodia yesterday, and 13 cases were successfully treated.

The 13 patients with negative test results after treatment were 6 Cambodians and 7 Chinese.

Seven Chinese people (one woman) between 24 and 35 years old were on a flight which arrived in Cambodia from the Philippines on August 9, the flight had a total of 119 passengers, all Chinese. So far, 14 passengers have been diagnosed.

Six Cambodians were diagnosed after returning to Cambodia from Russia and the United States.

As of the morning of August 19, a total of 273 cases have been confirmed in Cambodia, with 251 cases treated and no deaths have been reported. Since August 14, Cambodia has had no new confirmed cases, marking 5 consecutive days.

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