Pailin Python Surprises Chicken Keepers

Pailin Province: After villagers heard the sound of chickens inside a cage at night, they first thought a thief had broken in, so they out with flashlights.

Instead of a chicken thief, they found a large male python weighing 13 kg and shouted for other villagers to help catch it at 3:30 am on August 18 2020 in Koun Phnom Village, Sangkat Otavao, Pailin City.

A resident named Roth Rat, a 42-year from the village, said that on the night of the incident, she heard the sound of chickens crying and suddenly saw a male python squeezing two chickens that were about to be swallowed. It was confirmed that the python was very aggressive, and tried to bite people who came too close.

According to Iev Ra, the director of the area, he will release the snake in the forest in Phnom Khiev. He added that a few months ago, he had already released four snakes. He confirmed that the male python is a (red snake?), a snake that is more fierce than other pythons.

Although it may bite, it is not venomous. He stated that because the forest is gradually depleted, these animals crawl out of the streams near people’s houses when they have the opportunity to catch chicken. MCPN

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