Nepalese Construction Workers Protest

Phnom Penh: 27 Nepalese including 2 females, stood in front of the house a Nepalese boss in protest after an alleged work scam.

This group of workers from Nepal came to work in Cambodia (on a construction site) and had paid the Nepalese boss $ 5,000 each. After arriving in Cambodia, the boss took away all their passports.

They say they have been working for seven months, but the boss did not pay them, so they came to protest in front of the house that the boss rented.

It was reported that with the coordination of the Nepal Embassy, ​​together with the local authorities and Sen Sok district and both parties, the boss agreed to the workers’ demands to:
– Pay the airfare for the workers to return to Nepal.
– Issuance of visa renewal fee for expired workers.
– Agree to pay salaries to all workers.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic flights are cancelled, so for the temporary accommodation and food of the workers in Cambodia, the supervisor is now held responsible.

After concluding the discussion to find a solution in case the boss and his actions are the responsibility of the Embassy of Nepal.
This was agreed at 12:10 on August 16, 2020. AREY

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